Rittipong is a talented local Phuket designer, who has the heart of a true artist. His personal characteristics are aligned with the Buddhist beliefs of generosity and a kind hearted person, which reflects in his artwork. He creates masterpieces with the intension of provoking internal emotions in all art lovers admiring them. The human body and complicated postures dominate his work with various colures representing their hidden thoughts. While his splatter painting technique and wild style provides the energy. Rittipong believes his art knows no age, no gender or no limit and he hopes this will resonate with the artistic soul in all of us. It was for this reason he was chosen to help with our latest Artist Playground. This collection was created to support the action being taken by male figure heads around the world against negative inequalities faced by women in today's society. Portrayed through his brush strokes is the idea that gender equality is an issue that affects all people either socially, economically or politically and he hopes these paintings represent a voice for women in an unrestricted form.


Kanjana graduated with the degree in international painting and Commercial fine arts design from Bangkok. Her art works represent herself and the era she was born, the hear with no internet, kids are bookworms, and  these things are precious inspiration of this Asian female artist who passionate in pop surrealism arts. The picture of a little girl who has big glowing eyes, one of her masterpieces this picture represents the happiness in childhood that she can never turn back to but still be the thing that she’s seeking for, being honest, humble, straight forward just because she believes that time never stops going, her time for being creative is becoming shorter, the short young life and her discouraged energy are transferred through the eyes that are watching over everything in front. The picture that illustrates how huge the world she dreamed, the heart that beats louder than the feet trampling, the timeless creation.

The color of the painting is reflecting the Artist’s characters. The language of art is unconditioned from the origin, tribe, belief or region. There is no good or bad, true or fault in language of art but the Artist’s characters are identified and telling what their communication needed in each piece. In 25 years of the Artist life, I mused the difference of the artistic process in each epoch. Then I found that Swanky Dresses are needed by everyone in every epoch and it was inspiring me to create this painting. This art piece is telling the illimitable need of people even the artist via the long neck then it is named “The Chimerical”



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